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Jamie Tarquini (aka: pmpknface)

May 11th, 2007

Articles on Marvel! COOL STUFF!!! @ 10:19 am

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Over on the Timely-Atlas-Comics Yahoo Group there are occasionally articles posted from back in the day related to Marvel stuff. That link is where you can d-load them for the next week or so. You can also join the group and they are posted 1 at a time. Here's a list:

Year Title Published
1911: Comic Supplements Denounced NEW YORK TIMES

1948 Delinquency on Increase, Comics

1948 Parents are warned: Don't blame

1948 Status of Comic Book NEW YORK TIMES

1954 Seduction to the Innocent Review NEW YORK TIMES

1954 Kefauver Charges Deceit NEW YORK TIMES

1954 Comic Book Code Gains NEW YORK TIMES

1954 Hearings start Tomorrow NEW YORK TIMES

1955 On Stand: No Harm in Horror says

1955 Reform of Comics is Spurred by

1955 Comics Code is Slated NEW YORK TIMES

1955 Horror Comics Banned NEW YORK TIMES

1955 "New" Comics Next Week NEW YORK TIMES

1955 Interim Congressional Report NEW YORK TIMES

1966 Comics Code Cited NEW YORK TIMES

1968 Benefits to Code NEW YORK TIMES

1955 American New Profit
Publisher Files Suit
American News Sells Assets NEW YORK TIMES

1962 Advertizing: Superman Hurt NEW YORK TIMES

1965 Super- Anti Hero Village Voice
By Sally Kempton

1964 Comic Soar in Value NEW YORK TIMES

1965 Old Comics Boom NEW YORK TIMES

1966 Superheroes/Super Problems Herald Tribune
Nat Freeland

1967 Captain Marvel Lawsuit Wall Street Journal

1968 NY Convention NEW YORK TIMES

1970 Updating Superman Wall Street Journal

1971 Comic Super Investment NEW YORK TIMES

1971 Comics on the Couch Time
Gerald Clark

1971 Spider-Man Defies Ban NEW YORK TIMES

1971 Indutry allows Drug Stores NEW YORK TIMES

1971 Comic still with us NEW YORK TIMES

1971 Captain Relevant NEW YORK TIMES Magazine
Saul Braun

1971 Earnie Colon Letter to Editor NEW YORK TIMES

1971 Marvel Comics Washington Post

1971 Comic Fly Again Chicago Tribune

1975 Stan Lee's Super Heroes Chiago Tribune

1972 All In Color Review Washington Post

1979 Marvel Creators Wrangle NEW YORK TIMES

1979 Marvels of the Mind Time

1968 Steranko Castle of Frankenstein

1968 Interview with Stan Castle of Frankenstein
With our own, Ted White

1966 Smart Enough For Comics? Esquire

1974 Jack Kirby Radio Interview Jerry Connelly

1974 Kirby Obit Village Voice

1987 Comic Artist KO'd (Kirby) Village Voice

1980 The Kirby Experiment David Sanger

1969 The New Superhero Eye Magazine

1971 Face Front Rolling Stone
Robin Green

1970 Stan Lee, the Marvel Bard Changes

1998 Lee and Thomas Conversation Comic Book Artist #2

1998 Working For Goodman Dorothy Gallagher

1992 Goodman Obit and Corrections NEW YORK TIMES

Ted White on Comics Code NEW YORK TIMES
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Jamie Tarquini (aka: pmpknface)